Dear SICMAA’s Members, Friends 

This year we celebrate 38 years services to our community in a very special way. It’s a first time our AGM has been held in Zoom.

Due to COVID-19, The City of Greater Dandenong advised us that we have to close our office from 20/3/2020.

However, our services did not stop but continued and even increased in activities. We change our service plan for every single project to make sure we are still serving our community effectively in different way despite the Covid-19 crisis. With the support from all bodies government  funding , all our hard working staff , IT group , volunteers , we set up the system so everyone can work at home to continue to assist our client by phone, by email , by post , by video conferencing like Zoom .

We have English and Computer Class on Zoom. Students are really happy learning in new method, they gain experience through new technologies.

Instead of having Excursion within Victoria, with Shared Screen on Zoom they can visit around the world under instruction from teachers …..

The services from In language Gambling Counselling and Support Services, Integrated Family Violence Support Service, Family Service are running very well. We organize many training such as Mental Health First Aide course to all staff and our Management Committee …

On line training: Managing Sleep / Fatigue, Stress, Selfcare

We distribute special gifts, health and Food packages to our clients, special elderly people, disability groups, carers group on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Gambling Harm Awareness week.

Assisted 2020 Good Friday Appeal in donating on line instead of doing Tin Shaking.

We joined with another 8 organisations, ICV is our Lead Agency. We provided a special Project WORKING FOR VICTORIA which is funded by the State of Victoria as Represented by its Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. We have a special program to assist to those affected by Covid -19 crisis. It has been started since 7/9/2020.

We proudly produced the wonderful 2021 SICMAA Calendar with 12 delicious popular healthy Vietnamese cuisines and the recipes. The calendar was supported by  Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation , Enhanced Pathways to Family Violence Project.

Also myself as President of SICMAA, I am a member of the Fund Raising Team of the proposed significant project, Vietnamese Museum of Australia (VMA) in Barkly Street, Footscray, Maribyrnong City Council. The proposed VMA will include a museum, gallery, education and community spaces, It has combined Federal Government, State Government and private funding of over $15.5 million and would be develop and managed by the Vietnamese Community of Australia (VCA)

Wow, what a big, busy year of the challenge with everyone. The Covid 19 pandemic affected everyone, everywhere.

We have come a long way and the journey so far has both up and downs, many initiatives and services have started and of course, we have made many life -long friends and many wonderful people have worked and helped us and the people that need help.

These are certainly too many wonderful people, especially the volunteers, we thank  and dedicate our love to them who gives up their time with their families to lent us their knowledge , wisdom and expertise , and their love and compassion to help another human being to make this world a better place to live in.

We would not be as successful as we have been without all our friend’s and our friend’s help.

Together we continue to provide many years of services to our community.

Wishing you and your family a lots of good luck good health and happiness always.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Springvale Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association

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Dịch vụ hỗ trợ đồng bào bị ảnh hưởng bởi COVID-19

Hiệp Hội Tương Trợ Người Đông Dương Springvale (SICMAA) được sự tài trợ của chính phủ tiểu bang Victoria có chương trình đặc biệt để trợ giúp quý vị gặp khó khăn trong giai đoạn COVID-19.

Tại SICMAA, một đội ngũ nhân viên được tuyển chọn và thành lập gồm những người có khả năng và tâm huyết để phục vụ giúp đỡ đồng bào khắp các vùng Đông, Đông Nam, Tây và Bắc Victoria.

Chúng tôi biết rằng trong thời kỳ khó khăn do đại dịch COVID-19 gây ra này, đồng bào không chỉ cần về thông tin mà còn cần sự hổ trợ thực tế trong các lãnh vực khác như sức khoẻ, nhà cửa, Centrelink, tìm việc, …

Các dịch vụ của chúng tôi bao gồm:

  • Cung cấp các thông tin về COVID-19
  • Giúp đỡ các gia đình neo đơn, thăm hỏi, cung cấp các thông tin cũng như hướng dẫn để kết nối các dịch vụ hỗ trợ bao gồm “Gói cứu trợ khẩn cấp” dành cho những trường hợp đặc biệt, giúp đỡ khi bị bạo hành trong gia đình, dịch vụ gia cư, và sức khỏe v.v…
  • Điền đơn xin các hỗ trợ từ chính phủ, Dịch vụ tìm việc, Centrelink, hỗ trợ tiền điện /nước/gas v.v…
  • Kết nối quý vị với các dịch vụ hỗ trợ dành cho người cao niên và khuyết tật

Tất cả các dịch vụ do chúng tôi cung cấp đều miễn phí và được bảo mật.

Mọi chi tiết cũng như để được trợ giúp, xin vui lòng với chúng tôi như sau:

Tổng quát:

Bà Bé Hà –      Mob: 0403 651 483       Email:

Vùng miền Tây và miền Bắc Melbourne:

Elisa Huỳnh – Mob: 0406 900 696       Email:

Phúc Nguyễn –          Mob: 0439 775 725       Email:

Vùng miền Đông và Đông Nam Melbourne:

Phiếm Trần –   Mob: 0432 929 308      Email:

Triều Trần –    Mob: 0413 732 186       Email:

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Services to help Vietnamese community affected by COVID-19

Springvale Indochinese Mutual Assistant Association (SICMAA) has been funded by The State of Victoria as represented by its Department of Job’s, Precinct and Regions to assist in a program to help our Vietnamese community during COVID-19 crisis. 

At SICMAA, a team of people (In photo from far left to right: Elisa Huynh, Be Ha, Trieu Tran, Phiem Tran and Phuc Nguyen) was recruited and formed with the ability and dedication to serve the people of East, Southeast, West and Northern Victoria.

During these uncertain times people in our community need various support in not only providing information about COVID-19 updates, but also support services such as housing services, job search, Centrelink and many more other needs. 

This program has catered for many individuals and families that have difficulties or struggles in their everyday needs. 

Our services include:

  • Providing information on Covid-19
  • Helping and visiting lonely families, provide information and guidance to connect support services including “Emergency relief package” for special cases, help in case of violence family practice, housing services, and health (including mental health) etc …
  • Apply for government assistance, Job Search Service, Centrelink, electricity / water / gas assistance etc.
  • Connecting you to support services for seniors and people with disabilities

All of the services we provide are free and confidential.

For more information and assistance, please feel free to contact us as follows:


Mrs Be Ha –             Mob: 0403 651 483 Email:

West and North of Melbourne:

Ms. Elisa Huynh –     Mob: 0406 900 696 Email:

Mr. Phuc Nguyen –   Mob: 0439 775 725 Email:

South East of Melbourne:

Ms. Phiem Tran –      Mob: 0432 929 308 Email:

Mr. Trieu Tran –        Mob: 0413 732 186 Email:

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Buổi nói chuyện online về “Giấc ngủ và mệt mỏi”

Thông Báo V/V: Buổi nói chuyện online về “Giấc ngủ và mệt mỏi”

Hiệp Hội Tương Trợ Người Đông Dương Springvale (SICMAA) kính mời Quý vị nghe buổi nói chuyện bằng tiếng Anh của cơ quan Bolton Clarke với chủ đề “Giấc ngủ và mệt mỏi” từ 11 giờ đến 12 giờ trưa ngày thứ Năm 01/10/20 bằng cách liên lạc qua mạng bằng Microsoft Team.

Nếu Quý vị muốn tham gia xin liên lạc email với sicmaa: và chúng tôi sẽ gởi link qua để quý vị tham gia.

Mong Quý vị tham gia vào buổi nói chuyện hữu ích này.

Thay mặt Ban Quản Trị
Chủ Tịch


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Assisting to those affected by Covid-19 – Trợ Giúp Quý Vị gặp ảnh hưởng bởi COVID-19

Announcement                              Thông Báo

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)



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SICMAA – The Untold Stories

The story of Van, who used to be a gamble addicted. Through the help of the community services, she managed to quit and step up being a better person

The story of Thiem who’s gambled in the last 16 years

The story of Kim, she has an Aunt who’s gambling-addicted. Kim shares the difficulty not only for her but her cousin as well

The story of Thi Pham, who became addicted due to unforeseen circumstances

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Mrs Be Ha, OAM, J. P.


Dear Friends,

This year we celebrate 37 years of services to our community.  We are approaching our 40th Anniversary very quickly.  40 Years of servicing the community will be a fantastic milestone to pass.

In the meantime, with on-going support from the City of Greater Dandenong, we moved to our new office at 11-13. Morwell Parade, Springvale. We have just received good news.  We have a new contract for another 5 years until 2024 !  This ensures that our clients receive our best care and support through a continuous, stable base and foundation without any interruptions.

We are very grateful and thank you to the Mayor of City of Greater Dandenong Cr. Roz Blades AM and all councilors , Mr. John Bennie CEO, Mr. Martin Fielder, the Director of Community , all officers from Community Facilities Property who provided to us an excellent office so we can serve our community in many ways and services.

We are so happy to still receive funding for In-language Gambling Counselling and Support Services, Integrated Family Violence Support Service.  The Integrated Family Violence Support Services is a big demand for this service and a very serious issue but we only have one worker, who gets pay for only 1day per week.  However, she volunteers her time and effort 1 more day per week.  A great effort from our staff and Thank You.

Community Disability Capacity Building Project just ended funding in February 2019. We did not get a chance to complete the registration for NDIS.

Other programs were carried out successfully:

  • South East Family Service
  • SICMAA’s English Language Program.
  • Enhanced pathways to family work Project.

We continued to support the Royal Children Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal and raised money for them in the streets, malls and shops in Springvale.

We also is partnered with so many organisations, groups and network in the South Eastern Region in many ways to carried out many, many, many activities.

With The Vietnamese Community in Australia Vic Chapter, We had an elderly conference during Seniors Week.

Also, myself as President of SICMAA, I am a member of the Fund Raising Team of the proposed significant project, Vietnamese Museum Of Australia (VMA) in Barkly Street, Footscray, Maribyrnong City Council.

The proposed VMA will include a museum, gallery, education and community spaces. It has combined Federal Government, State Government and private funding of over $15.5 million and would be developed and managed by the Vietnamese Community of Australia (VCA).

SICMAA has a dream 10 years ago until now, we love to set up a cooking school to introduce our Vietnamese cooking and exchange our Australian cuisines.

We hope one day with a strong support from the local government, business associations and volunteers we will achieve our goal.

Many years we thank and dedicate our love and thanks to our volunteers who give up their time with their families to lent us their knowledge, wisdom and expertise, and their love and compassion to help another human being to make this world a better place to live in

Thanh you for all your support and attending 2019 AGM.

We hope you enjoy this year’s AGM and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Springvale Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association

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President of SICMAA awarded OAM





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Hope Program Counselling and Support Service in 2018-2019

Working with the Vietnamese community to prevent Gambling Harm
Gambling Counsellor: Bic Gresty

Australian is number one country lost on gambling in the World. Far more to many Australians are losing large sums of money through gambling including a big number of Vietnamese, and it is hurt the family budget, caused damage to general health, emotion, family relationship, and derived gamblers to a dark future. It is depressed to see the effect of gambling can ruin people’s money and lives.

Gambling in Australia statistics – how much do we lose?

According to Australian Gambling statistic published by the Queensland Treasury, Australian has lost $24 billion in gambling in 2016-17, and $19.4 billion gambling lost was on the pokies in 2016-17. 1 in 5 Australian experience gambling harm which has caused many difficulties to their lives. It is estimated $1250 lost per person to gambling each year.


The social cost of gambling in Vitoria:

In November 2017, the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation found that the total social cost of gambling was $7 billion:

$2.2 billion – family and relationship problem

$$1.6 billion – emotional and psychological issues including suicide and violence

$1.3 – financial loses

$$1.1 billion – cost to the Victorian government for research, regulation & professional support services

$600 million – lost productivity and other work-related costs

$100 million – costs of crime

SICMAA’s Counselling and support service – Hope Program

Gambling harm is overwhelming and hidden, and it has a negative impact on the Vietnamese community greatly. Springvale Indochinese Mutual Assistance Association continues having the professional and financial support from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to assist the Vietnamese gamblers and their families to rebuild their lives, and we would like to express our deep appreciation to the Foundation, service providers, SICMAA Management & committee and our volunteers for fantastic collaboration, professional support and tireless efforts and contributions to achieve the positive outcome for the Vietnamese client throughout the year.

Hope program has been assisted over 150 Vietnamese clients in 2018-19 including face-to-face, phone, outreach and group counselling

Individuals counselling: was assisted the Vietnamese clients and their families to understanding about gambling harm, gambling urge and how to manage the gambling urge, strategies to reduce or stop gambling to rebuild their lives. It is also helped the Vietnamese clients to prevent relapse and minimise crisis and encourage to seek help as soon as possible

4 groups counselling Group counselling:

Group 1: 6-week session “Making Change for New Beginnings” in July-August 2018

Group 2: 3-week session “Stress, Anxiety & Depression VS Living Well” in November 2018

Group 3: 3-week session “Physical, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Self-care” in March-April 2019

Group 4: 6-week session “Mental Health Awareness for Vietnamese parents”, six-week in May-June 2019

Monthly Vietnamese peer Support Group


Prevention activities 2018-19

We have been reaching out thousand of Vietnamese through information sessions,  community education sessions, workshops, forum, art skill training sessions, focus groups, community feedback, cultural events and recreations with the aim to education the Vietnamese community to take on healthy activities to enhance their physical and psychological health as well as increase their skills and confidence

Date Activities Number of participants
4/07/2018 Lunch at Lynbrook Hotel, South Gippsland 33 clients
5/07/2018 Mental Health Awareness training, by All Health 44 participants
12/07/2018 No Interest Loan & Low Interest Loan, presented by South Easy Community Link, 25 participants
27/07/2018 Community feedback 34 participants
14/08/2018 Gambling Harm in the Vietnamese Community at “Taking Action for Change” Forum-Geelong Presentation
30/08/2018 School Program “Love the Game” Vietnamese student at Heathmont College
13/09/2018 BBQ at SICMAA to celebrate Fathers’ Day 35 participants
21/09/2018 Court Network information session, presented by Court Network 44 participants
26/09/2019 Building rapport/attachment with their children after the damage of gambling harm, 34 participants
4/10/2018 Sexual Abuse and Legal issues, presented by SECASA, FMC & Springvale legal Aid 26 participants
10/10/2018 Special event In Gambling Harm Week 2018 “Vietnamese Fest” in partnership with Foundation Gambling Harm week, SICMAA Prevention Program and Hope Program 340 participants
12/12/2018 Happy Walk at Warmer Reserve to Princess HW and back to SICMAA for Gambling Harm Week discussion and B, BQ lunch 45 participants
23/10/2018 Recreation, Picnic at Rhododendron Festival 56 participants
22/11/2018 Clients’ Constructive Feedback session at SICMAA 40 participants
30/11/2018 Understanding Family Violence & Intervention Order & services available & activity for helping healing process in partnership with Intouch Family Violence Services 15 participants
6/12/2018 Xmas Party 47 participants
19/12/2018 Picnic and pick you own at Sylvan Cherry Farm 55 Participants
3/01/2019 Cultural activity: Lunar New Year celebration 58
10/01/2019 Healthy activity: Board walking & picnic lunch at Snoopy-Phillip Island 55
17/01/2019 Recreation: Family picnic lunch at Safety Beach-Mornington 50
Date Activities Number of participants
18/01/2019 Temple Bao Minh brochures distributed 20
24/01/2019 Activity: Flower arrangement 16
8/02/2019 Community feedback 12
14/02/2019 Activity: Card making for Valentine’s day 33
28/02/2019 Information session: Sexual Harassment 42
8/03/2019 Volunteer training: Casino tour & Casino Self-exclusion program 10
14/03/2019 Information session: Palliative care 42
28/03/2019 Community education: Will and power of attorney 45
4/04/2019 Community education: trust & financial administration 54
5/04/2019 Community education: Guardianship 47
10/04/2019 Healthy activity for children: Zone Bowling 18
17/04/2019 Healthy activity for family: lunch at Lynbrook 44
26/04/2019 Information session: Understanding family violence, services and support 41
3/05/2019 Information session: MyGov account and the role of Centrelink financial advisor 50
8/05/2019 Mothers’ Day celebration: Relaxation at Hot Springs 20
17/05/2019 Community education: Master your mind 51
24/05/2019 Gambling harm awareness 53
31/05/2019 Gambling online awareness 49
7/06/2019 Gamming and gambling, parents’ concerns 29
20/06/2019 Information session: healthy bladder 35
21/06/2019 Information session: Connect Health, its financial counselling and available services 33



Counselling and prevention activities has successfully reached out a high number of Vietnamese gamblers, their families and Vietnamese community. Through counselling and activities, we have helped the Vietnamese gamblers to understand gambling urge, how to deal with it, dealing with rational beliefs, understanding relapse, and self-help tools to avoid crisis. There were variety of topics which enhances the Vietnamese community about maintaining their health, gambling risk and gambling harm, strategies to prevent it and fun activities. The Vietnamese community also has improved different skills, relationships to maintain their physical, emotional, psychological health and well-being to live happier and healthier and empowered the Vietnamese clients to speak out, seek help earlier to rebuild their lives.

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