South East Family Service

Dịch Vụ Hỗ Trợ Gia Đình
My Dung Nguyen

This program primary focuses on the family’s ability to manage day-to-day living task such as parenting skills, household management, childcare and nurture, child behaviour and the use of support services in the South Eastern region  of Melbourne.

The aims of this program are:

-To prevent family violence and child abuse.

-To strengthen family relationships.

-To enhance the safety, confidence, life skills and independence of women.

-To promote family harmony

-To provide emergency relief

The target group I have been working with is Indo-Chinese families that have children under 18 years old living in City of Greater Dandenong, Casey, and Cardinia. The program has received referrals from different sources such as Centrelink, local schools, community agencies, Community health services, and even requests for help by the families themselves. Issues presented by clients vary in many different ways. The most and common issues are:

-Lack of English language skills

-Court Orders


-Financial problems

-Family breakdown, generation conflicts between parents and children, and between siblings as well as family violence.

-Children have difficulties at school or are at risk of leaving school

-Mental health issues

-Lack of knowledge about existing services and legal system

-Cultural barriers in approaching government agencies and using services

-Marginalisation and isolation from the wider community, cultural shock of living and adapting to new life, lack of support from extended family due to living in Australia

-Lack of knowledge of educational and employment opportunities

-Lack of confidence, low self-esteem due to the above mentioned issues

As an In-home support worker, I have assisted the family to make changes in practical ways and to learn new skills by providing short-term assistance to the family for a time of 6 –8 weeks. Outreach to a family also would be provided at least one a week for 1 to 2 hours. Services have been provided to families to develop strategies for maintaining positive family relations and families with setting boundaries and other parenting skills and at times provide financial and other assistance to families in crisis.

Services are accordingly provided to meet clients’ needs as follows:

-Case management

-Assisting and encouraging clients to use services available in the South Eastern areas.

-Advocating on behalf of clients in dealing with departments and agencies such as Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support, Australian Taxation Office, schools, Courts, Department of Human Services, Legal Aid Services, Community Health Services, Job Network agencies etc.

-Referring clients to and supporting them at interviews with other services.

-Empowering women to strengthen their confidence, encouraging them to attend English classes and to develop their career path and education.

-Crisis intervention in family violence cases/child abuse, providing short to medium term counselling and ongoing support to women and children, home visiting when necessary.

-Liaising with workers from other agencies to set up a supporting network for women and children.

-Parenting skills

-Providing positive parenting skill information.

In reviewing the work program, it is proven that this is a vital program that enables me to perform my duties within its framework with limited resources. Besides, this program provides adequately services according to the needs of clients and our community both in case work and community development aspects. The worker also works closely with other in-house programs at SICMAA so we can joint programs/activities which benefit clients and the community as a whole. Consultations have been undertaken immediately with SICMAA’s Management and South East Family Services Group Manager as soon as there is any issues arise in my work. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to:

-The Program Leader South East Family Services – Uniting

-Emma Louise Lee

-Steve Hunt and & Robyn Rea – South East Family Services – Uniting

-The President of SICMAA – Ms Be Ha J.P

-All staff at SICMAA who support me to fulfill my task.


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Integrated Family Violence Support Service

Bạo Hành Gia Đình
Chi Lanigan

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SICMAA’S 2019 Calendar

Funded by The 2018 CALD Prevention Projects – Victorian Responsible Gaming FoundationSICMAA 36th AGM Booklet

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Community Disability Capacity Building Project 2017-2018

Dịch Vụ Hỗ Trợ Cho các Gia Đình Việt Nam về vấn đề Khuyết Tật
Project Worker: Trieu Tran

The project is funded by the Department of Human Services to provide assistance to Vietnamese people with disabilities, their carers and their families. It aims to raise awareness about disability issues, promote access and equity in the Vietnamese community. The Project Worker only works two and a half days a week. Therefore, working partnership with other relevant organisations is critical way to provide best benefit for the target groups. The Project Worker has worked together with Local Council, Department of Health & Human Services, Monash Health, Alfred Health Carer Services, Springvale Learning and Activities Centre, Hepatitis Victoria, Aged Care Services Australia Group, Vision Australia, RDNS, Southern Health, Migrant and Refugee Centre, Asthma Foundation, Carers Victoria Human Services, Leadership Plus,  Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne), Australian Hearing, Springvale Neighbourhood House, local pharmacies and other disability service providers in order to enhance the quality of life for Vietnamese with a disability and their families. It is also planned to provide the cross-culture training for service providers in the South East Region. Most Vietnamese with a disability and their families has accessed services such as Speech pathologist, Respite, sport for all ability, school holiday and recreation programs. The Vietnamese Carer Group at SICMAA has been well established and has been provided with up-to-date information, referrals, friendship, social and emotional support for its members.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new national approach to providing individualised support and services for people with a disability, their families and carers to achieve their goals and aspirations. The first stages of the NDIS in Victoria began in the Barwon region on 1 July 2013. From 1 July 2016 the NDIS became available across other areas of Victoria. The NDIS has become available in our Southern Melbourne area from 1 September 2018.

SICMAA has been working with and Alfred Health Carer Services, Carers Victoria and VALID to deliver a series of information sessions throughout the year to prepare our carers for the new system.

SICMAA work with families and carers to make sure the support we give can be sustained. We consider the carer’s role when developing plans with participants including the support they provide, other responsibilities, and their own life plans. We also recognise some people with disability may want the support of family and carers to make informed decisions, and we value their views, knowledge and experience.

Apart from NDIS related activities, the following activities were carried out throughout the financial year of 2017-2018. Most of these activities were exclusively funded by the Department Human Services. However, a number of programs were in partnership with other organisations and service providers.

  • A luncheon at Village Green Hotel in Mulgrave for Father’s Day for parents/carers on 6 September 2017
  • A seminar on “Life’s short … so let’s talk” at SICMAA by Your Life Assist on 14 September 2017
  • Information Session on “blood, organs and tissues donation” at SICMAA by Vietnamese Blood Donors Association on 13 October 2017
  • Information Session on “Aged Care Services, Flu vaccine and Asthma storm” by O’Brien Pharmacy Springvale South at SICMAA on 10 November 2017
  • A day recreational activity to Geelong and Eastern Beach Swimming Enclosure on 24 January 2018 for parents/carers and their children
  • Vietnamese Happy Living Day – Carers, Families and the NDIS – Expo 2018 at Springvale Park Special Developmental School on Friday 25 May 2018
  • A seminar on “Elder Abuse – Dignity and respect for seniors” at SICMAA by ECCV – Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria on 28 June 2018
  • Continue to maintain 2-hour practical physical health workshop at 1 Osborne Ave Springvale for carers to provide them opportunity to enhance their health and wellbeing and to enhance their resilience
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SICMAA 36th AGM Booklet

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Citizenship: Responsibilities and Privileges

SICMAA 36th AGM Booklet

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SICMAA would like to thank the following organisations and individuals that have helped us over the past 12 months.  Your contribution and continued support is very special to us:

-The Chief Executive Officer of the City of Greater Dandenong, Mr John Bennie

-Mr Martin Fidler, the Director of Community Services

-Cr. Youhorn Chea, Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong

-All councilors of the City of Greater Dandenong

-RSL Dandenong

-Mr Vinh Qui Le and Freedom Day Club

-RSL Springvale

-The Enterprise Hostel Project Committee and Mrs Merle Mitchell

-South Eastern Community Link

-Department of Human Services, Ms Angela Gunes, Ms. Sue Seymour & Ms. Leyla Besiroglu

-Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Louise Glanville Former CEO, Janet Dore Acting CEO, Andreanna Harrison, Manager Gambler’s Help, Grace Kilpatrick, Senior Agency &Sector Engagement Officer,  Mc Gettrick, Professional Development Coordinator, Steve Cram – Prevention & Program Officer, Suzanne Panecki – Co-Ordinator Gambler’s Help

-Emma Louise Lee

-Kristina Klavic

-Steve Hunt, & Robyn Rea – Southern Community Services – Uniting

-Department of Victorian Communities

-Department of Family and Community Services

-South Eastern Migrant & Refugee Centre,

-Margie Pickersgill – Department of Human Services – Centrelink

-Department of Veteran Affairs

-Australian Taxation Office – Tax Help Program

-Intouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence

-Victorian Multicultural Commission

-Ethnic Communities Council in Victoria

-Department of Social Services

-South Eastern CASA

-Windemere – Child and Family Violence Support Service

-Anglicare Victoria

-Wayss – Family Violence Support Service

-VLA (Victoria Legal Aid)

-Legal Aid Service – Springvale

-Court Support Network

-The Springvale Police

-The local media

-Vietnamese Newspapers Viet News, Nhan Quyen, Viet Luan and TV Victoria

-SBS Radio – Vietnamese Program

-The Springvale Asian Business Association (SABA), Mr Daniel Cheng

-Mrs Debbie Cottier, Principal of Springvale Rise PS

-Mrs Jen Clancy, Springvale Height Campus Principal

-Mrs Linda Rippingille, Springvale Campus Principal

-Mrs Jackie Lowther, Springvale Park S. D. S. Principal

-The Principal of Noble Park Special Development School

-Carers’ VIC

-Australia Zhonghua Qun Yi Lion Dance Association Inc.

-Melbourne Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan Club-Taekwondo

-Mrs Ngan Skorin and The Committee of Management of VASA VIC Inc.

-Indo-Chinese Elderly Refugees Association

-Vivienne Nguyen and the Vietnamese Community in Australia – Vic Chapter

-The Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Centre and Mr Phong Nguyen

-Springvale Learning and Activities Centre

-Keysborough Learning Centre

-Lim’s Pharmacy

-O’Brien’s Pharmacy

-Windsor Ave Pharmacy

-Tom Vu, Night-Tech

-Alfred Health

-Huong Que Dance Group

-Au Co Dance Group

-Dang Tho & Tina Thinh and Australian Vietnamese Arts Incorporate (AVA)

-My fellow Executive Committee of Management members for their tremendous support.

-SICMAA’S staff, co-located staff, visiting workers, volunteers and students for the support and assistance to our Association.

-And all other contributors to the success of our Association over the years. We are indeed honoured to work and associated with you in making our community a better and fairer place for everyone.


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