In- language Gambling Counselling and Support services

Dịch vụ Tư Vấn và Hỗ Trợ
Gambling Counsellor: Bic Gresty

Springvale Indochinese Mutual Association Inc (SICMAA) would like to say thank you to the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation for ongoing financial and professional support which enables SICMAA continuing assist the Vietnamese community who has negative impact of gambling harm in South-East Melbourne in 2017-2018.

City of Greater Dandenong where is the home for about 16,000 Vietnamese, had lost over $3 billion since the introduction of Electronic Gambling Machines in VIC in 1992. In 2016-17, 118 million was lost in 956 electronic gambling machines (EGMs) in 15 pokies venues in Greater Dandenong. In addition to EGMs loses, it is estimated $150million lost to other legal forms of gambling

Harm of gambling is undeniable. Gambling harm has been caused burden to many Vietnamese families. Harm of Gambling has been impaired Vietnamese gamblers’ finance, personal lives, family relationships, their health and well-being and increased other related issues such as family violence, mental health, substance abuse, crime and imprisonment.

SICMAA committee and Staff has worked extremely hard to establish strong cross-sector collaboration with the Local government, and local service & community service providers to assist the Vietnamese individuals, their families and friends who are affected by the harm of gambling to rebuild their lives, and self-worth through counselling and Support services at SICMA Inc in 2017-2018.

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Counselling service

  • Provide in-language counselling face-to-face, phone, outreach and group counselling to the Vietnamese individuals who are affected by problem gambling from July 2016 to June 2017
  • Implement professional, confidential, cultural appropriate, flexible and free of charge services for Vietnamese people who are affected by gambling harm.
  • Implement a counselling and support program which is based on a holistic assessment by using strategies and tools to identify clients’ issues and needs to minimise the harms and risks of problem gambling.
  • Assist clients to improve their emotional, psychological health and well-being through counselling, therapies, psychoeducation, integrated services, updated information, healthy activities and relevant support network.

Community development Information session:

  • Domestic Violence, services for women and children and Legal aspect (Women only) on 06/07/17 by Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (22 women)
  • Domestic Violence, men behaviour change, men referral and Legal Aspect (Men only) on 28/07/17 By FMC (20 men)
  • Child support Agency on 04/08/17 by Child Support Agency (37 people)
  • Relationship and sexuality on 11/08/17 By MCWH (33 people)
  • Community feedback on 07/09/17 (26 people)
  • On 29/03/2018: Domestic Violence Focus Group, 10 Vietnamese women, in partnership with MCWH
  • Group interview on 01/06/18 to have feedback to improve services, 35 participants
  • On 14/06/18 presentation at Cambodians Association “Negative Impact of Gambling harm to the residents at Greater Dandenong” 30 participants

Skill training/community education

  • Breast Cancer focus group: Balance Nutrition to enhance general health and prevent the disease on 17/08/17 (10 people)
  • Stroke Awareness Mobility/Transferring/positioning notes by All Health Training (RTO# 22066) on 08/09/17 (17 people)
  • Medication Administration Awareness by All Health Training on 03/11/17 (16 people)
  • Will and Power of Attorney by State Trustee on 06/10/17 (32people)
  • Six-week parenting training “Turning to teen” partnership with Connection from 02/10/17 to 07/12/17 (20 parents)
  • Service Forum “The Effectiveness of working Together” on 26/10/17 at Springvale Town Hall (260 participants)
  • On 01/02/18: Community feedback and light lunch at SICMAA, 32 participants
  • 21/02/18: presentation “Gambling harm in the Vietnamese community” at Greater Dandenong’s Council Forum on Gambling, 60 participants
  • On 02/03/18: training Parkinson disease by All Health Training, 20 participants
  • On 05/04;/18 & 11/04/18 & 12/04/18, three workshops of the dialogue of two generations, which was organised for parent and children to learn about gamming and gamming related to gambling harm, 19 participants
  • On 20/04/18: training “Infection Control” by All Health Training, 23 Vietnamese
  • On 30/04/18: participate in the Greater Dandenong Taskforce for Gambling Reform, 10 members
  • On 04/05/18 Training “Oral Care” by All Health Training, 20 participants

Celebration and healthy activities:

  • Father’s Day Celebration on 01/09/17 (52 people)
  • Questions & Answers and BBQ lunch to raise Responsible Gambling Awareness on 27/10/17 (75 people)
  • Christmas Celebration on 12/12/17 (5 7people)
  • All you pick at Cherry Farm at Sylvan on 15/12/17 (55 people)
  • On 05/01/18, 54 Vietnamese celebrated New Year at China bar Restaurant
  • On 18/01/18: 56 Vietnamese and their families took the trip to Lotus Farm
  • On 25/01/18 56 Vietnamese and their family had picnic Lunch by the beach at Mornington
  • 0n 02/02/18: BBQ to celebrate Lunar New Year at SICMAA, 59 Vietnamese
  • On 17/05/18 Celebrate Mothers’ Day at Peninsula Hot Spring, 32 Participants

Outcome has been achieved:

  • Engage effective strategies to prevent/minimise harm of gambling in the Vietnamese community
  • Enhance the Vietnamese community’s knowledge of gambling risks/harm to avert gambling harm as it will prevent other difficult life issues
  • Enhance Vietnamese Community awareness and information about gambling harm
  • The Vietnamese community has learned to use their spare time to participate in alternative/healthy activities or community education/training instead of gambling
  • Skill up the Vietnamese community to enhance understand all areas of life: health, social & community, legal issues
  • Successful collaborative working with relevant stakeholders, community organisations to learn, share resources and provide integrated services to the Vietnamese community
  • Provide enjoyable and healthy recreations and celebrations to reduce gambling harm, and stigma, increase physical, psychological, well-being, social interact for the Vietnamese Community as well as preventing harm/risks/relapse
  • Successful using public health approach to educate the Vietnamese groups, and community to enhance responsible gambling, balance lifestyle, healthy nutrition, skills and knowledge of social & legal matters to prevent gambling harm, reduce stigma, and other health problems
  • The Vietnamese community has learned how to seek help, access services to prevent harm and crisis

We would like to express our thanks to funding body, stakeholders, and organisations in collaboration to provide the successful counselling and support service to the Vietnamese community

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

City of Greater Dandenong

Multicultural Women Health Centre

Gamblers’ Help Southern

The Alfred



All Health training

Uniting Victoria and Tasmania

State trustee

FMC Mediation & Counselling

Child Support Agency (CSA)

Breast Cancer Network

Windsor Pharmacy

Greater Dandenong Taskforce for Gambling Reform

Ventura bus company

SICMAA’s Committee, Staff and Volunteers

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